Reverse Phone Number Lookup

NumLookup can be used to perform a completely free reverse phone lookup for any phone number in US. Simply enter the phone number in the form below and click on the search button to get the owner's full name, address, social media profiles and much more. No registration or credit card is needed to try us out. We are 100% non-corporate & non-compromised. and our guarantee to you is that you will not find a more accurate phone number search service for US phone numbers. Search a phone number now to find out why over 3 million people use us every month to look up phone numbers.

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Why use us for Reverse Phone Lookup?

You may ask, "Why NumLookup?" The answer is simple: We are the most widely used phone directory for US with an incredibly loyal user community. We go above and beyond to ensure we provide accurate, timely, and extensive information about any phone number. Here are just some of the things that make us unique:

Phone Number Lookup may provide...

Owner's Full Name

The owner's full name is the most important information on any phone number. We, therefore, show this on the top of any phone search report.

Telco Information

Get the phone type information such as mobile, landline & VOIP. We also show you the phone company's name. We make it hard for people to hide behind disposal phone lines


We are constantly updating our storage banks to tag each digital image available on the internet with a phone number where possible. This enables us to show you related photos

Social Media

Most people use phone numbers to set up or validate their social media accounts. We are now able to show you any social media profiles that are linked to the phone number.

Address Information

Once we have the full name and the location information, we then sift through our address databases to show you the full street address where available.

Family Information

Once we ascertain the address, we are able to search and display the full names of people who live at the same address. You may get their ages and phone numbers as well.

Benefits of Reverse Phone Number Lookup

It can be helpful in many ways. Here are some examples: